Android - A Smart Operating System for Smart Devices

The Current age is considered an "Era of smart mobile phone" and the innovation of smart mobile phones and other smart devices has totally revolutionized the communication arena thus bringing a drastic change in the world of technology. Since the last decade, mobile technology has made continuous progress by developing diverse and advanced mobile platform or operating system.

Mobile technology is dealing with smart operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian. The organization's are developing other smart devices such as Tablets. Across the globe the demand for Android and iPhone based mobile phones are on the rise. The reason may be their wide range of applications which plays an important role in enhancing the functionality and performance of mobile device and their advanced features and specifications which are attractive and allures the users.

However, Gartner - the Best IT Research based company noted that in the last quarter Android overtook iOS in terms of sales covering nearly about 64% of the total market share of the world. Hence, Android has clearly emerged as a leading operating system and captures the topmost position thus bringing Apple iOS to second. Glancing at the sales of the second quarter (April to June) Gartner declared Android as a winner and observed the shrink in the sales of Apple iPhone device. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 - an Android based mobile phone in May was considered as flourishing quarter for both Android and Samsung. Simultaneously, Samsung surpassed the sales of Nokia which is considered as a top seller of mobile device all across the globe.

In the last quarter i.e. April to June, Android made an unbelievable sale of 90 million units of Samsung mobile whereas Apple made sale of only 33 million units of iPhone which is less than 50% of Samsung’s Android. Thus we see an incomparable statistics between the two. There are only three models of iPhone which has enhanced the sales of Apple, whereas for Android based devices there are Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Sony. However, Samsung individually is good enough to endorse remarkable sales for Android.

Thus, looking at this trend, it seems that Android’s smart mobile phones will capture the entire mobile industry and it will further add extra features and specifications to convert a simple android phone into an advanced and hi-tech mobile device. Moreover, professional developers are also doing a great job in creating diverse and supportive applications. This has enhanced the number of apps at the Google Play Store which are mounting incessantly.

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